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  1. kneath

    Kyle Neath kneath

    Found out IE9's F12 browser switching mode only switches *some* features. Considered harmful, do not use.

  2. paul_irish

    Paul Irish paul_irish

    @kneath i know of ie8's ie7 mode leaves sessionStorage, postmessage, and hashchange event false pos. what'd you hit?

  3. kneath

    Kyle Neath kneath

    @paul_irish Modernizr's inlinesvg tests were false positiving. More specifically though, if the simulation isn't 100%, what's the point?

  4. paul_irish

    Paul Irish paul_irish

    @kneath other than making it hell for developers? good question.

  5. paulcbetts

    Paul Betts paulcbetts

    @paul_irish @kneath If I run into any of the IE guys this week at BUILD, I'll make sure to bitch about this

  6. CarterRabasa

    Carter M Rabasa CarterRabasa

    @xpaulbettsx @paul_irish @kneath hey guys, having trouble with a repro. Set IE9 to IE8-mode and got "no-inlinesvg"

  7. kneath

    Kyle Neath kneath

    @CarterRabasa @xpaulbettsx @paul_irish What I can reproduce though, is that IE9 in IE8 mode renders different than IE8

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